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A twofold glimpse today. First the more personal one: The house is packed, except the shower stuff, the contents of the fridge and freezer, and the cleaning products. The cleaning is underway but far from being finished. I just want to get the worst of it now, and I'll worry about the real clean-up after the house is empty. Claire called; the keys are with the landlord. As of 8am tomorrow, mana_trini  and I will no longer live here. No idea as to when we'll get the phone/net up running in the new place, so that means I probably won't be able to keep up with my flist. If you have something I need to know, you can comment here or email me.

And now for the glimpse of Mayotte, in keeping with the unofficial theme of J's work. This is one of the saddest glimpses there is I'm afraid, and the posting of these pictures is timely because we just heard on the news that a boat carrying illegal immigrants has sunk off the coast of Mayotte. So far there are six survivors who have been found out of the +/- 26 on board.

ETA: At least 6 people have been found dead. The count on the people in the boat was last given as being at least 30, and the gendarmes and legionnaires are still out looking for survivors. J doesn't know why he wasn't called in to help look or why the PAF (his branch of the police) hasn't been cited in the news reports on the tragedy.

(Taken by one of J's colleagues from the police helicopter). That's a Gendarmerie boat (military police) stopping the kwasa-kwasa.

(Taken by one of J's colleagues) The horrifying thing about this photo is that there are *never* kwasa-kwasas that come over with only men , and it's extremely, extremely rare to hear of one with less than 20 people aboard.
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