The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

This must be a day of much doing

Here we are, in the last third of the month, and we still don't have a date for our move. Supposedly, C, the current renter, moved out and had her belongings picked up by a moving company on the 20th. Now, the landlord is supposed to be using this time to make a few repairs. Since C paid the rent until the end of the month, no one is stressed about our move date, except us, even though we already asked if we could take the duplex before Aug 1st.

Case in point: mana_trini went to pay C for some blinds that we are buying from her, and despite our many conversations in which we have repeatedly stated a desire to be in the new place as soon as possible, C blithely says, "Oh, I think the place will be ready by August 15th!"  WHAT? How did things go from the tentative date of July 27 to August 15? We will no longer have a place to stay after August 1, so someone had better have their hind end in gear.

It is so hard to pack everything up when we don't know if we'll be living out of boxes for four or ten days. Julien is going to call the landlord today to try to get a more concrete idea of when we can move. In the meantime, I need to get busy packing up non-essentials. And because I am so lame that I cannot function with a to-do list, I give you today's Plan of Attack:

  • Pack up all my beach finds. ALL of them.
  • Do yoga
  • belly dance for at least 30 minutes --Like I said in the later post, I wrote this one off already
  • Clear the clutter from the living room bookshelf and fill it with already-packed boxes Thanks, mana_trini!
  • write 750 words
  • Make a start on packing up the kitchen - Did the bedroom instead. Tomorrow will be kitchen day.
I'd also like to get out for a walk, but that can't be a priority today. :( Did not happen. The only time I went outside was to dump the trash.

ETA: Julien made excellent headway on the office; the bedroom and bathroom are completely done except for a cleaning; and the terrace is as done as it can be right now. All that's really left is the rest of the office and the kitchen, which is going to be the monster job.
Tags: life in mayotte, listmania

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