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The bear went over the mountain see what she could sea.

I didn't get out of the house on Friday, so yesterday, J and I took the boat out for a snorkelling expedition off the the northern point of Petite Terre. The visibility was terrible and we didn't see much, but I did dive to 13.8m (45.3ft) for the first time. I even stayed for a couple of seconds. That's pretty good for someone who hates to hold her breath. I know that physically I could go to at least 15m but pyschologically, I don't like the idea. :P

The tide was going out, so we went back over the reef while we still had time. I jumped ship in the shallows off Badamier Beach while J took the boat back to the marina.  I beachcombed my way back to the parking lot where he was to pick me up; alas, I found few treasures due to the stretch of ancient lava flow that is hard on shells and the like. Not that I was looking for pretty shells. No, I was mostly looking for glass and nice driftwood. (I'm almost done with one of my projects, so I'll post a photo or two when I finish it.)

Even though I told J I would hurry, he met me halfway down the beach--after taking his time mooring the boat, chatting with a friend, helping tourists, and driving all the way to the end of the island where I was (it's true that that's only a few kilometers away)--because he couldn't see me from the parking lot and was worried.

What else did I do? Oh yes, an hour and a quarter of bellydancing. Got some new DVDs in the mail. Meh, but at least they'll give me something different to practice to. 

Between mosquitos in the bed, gluttonous cats, stupid people in general and the drunks in particular who were pounding on our gate at 1 a.m., I've been sleeping poorly and decided I needed a grasse matinée. Unfortunately, the cats still insisted on being fed (5:00 am, when J left for work, being too early), so I got less than 8hrs when I really needed 10. Still, Sunday is off to a very lazy start...
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