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Going, going, gone

Today, my friend Nuria is leaving Mayotte for good. I met her almost two years ago, and we quickly became fast friends. I'm going to miss her.

Her luggage is packed and weighed, and she has no room for a tangible gift from me, so yesterday, for our last walk, I surprised her with "teatime on the beach." We didn't end up walking much at all, but that didn't matter. The important thing was to have a good chat before she goes. So there was much licking of fingers (she loves my cinnamon rolls, so I made those for her), much sipping of blackberry tea, much gazing at the sea and mangrove and the cliff ringing us to the left. And naturally, much talking. 

I wish her many beautiful things in the years to come and am thankful for the time I had to get to know her.
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