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Ti keig unjulau

Or, if you prefer:

Oh, you don't read Semborain? Allow me to translate: I am crazy.

(But I'm having fun being that way, and I'm assisted in my madness by Holly Lisle's Create a Language Clinic. One of the best things I got out of this clinic is summed up in her claim: Discover new concepts your characters think and use--that don't translate into English.* The language building has also helped me strengthen existing plot points, discover others, and deepen characters. Insanity and usefulness, that's my cup of tea.)

I have to wrap up this particular brand of craziness today, though, because I have a few other things to see to before I begin actual story-spinning on July 1st. I'm getting antsy to return to drafting prose. Worldbuilding is all well and good, as is planning, but during this last break from writing, I've come to see that my moods are a lot better when I'm able to pen my stories and interact with the characters through Events rather than character sheets and the like.
* HELP! As fun as making languages is, I don't want to go overboard and am therefore having a bit of a dilemma as to when to use an English equivalent and when to employ the invented language name. I'd appreciate it if you could take a moment to give me your feedback. (This is for an alternate world fantasy novel. Tech level and flavor: ancient civilization.)

Example 1: Without going into a lot of detail, in English, I want to use the terms "sympath" and "sapient" to refer to certain people. The invented language equivalents are, respectively--and tentatively--"veleloi" and "wieloi." Sympath and sapient certainly sound very modern to me, but I like that they hint at the abilities of my characters. Veleloi and wieloi are definitely less likely to stick out amidst the other names.

Example 2: I have a part of my world whose name, Sine'drilee, translates to Witherwilds. I love Witherwilds, but again, will it look funny alongside other place names like Vasra Madi, Liloidaa, and Soesra Seo?
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