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Cords a-fire

Last night, I dreamed that my sewing machine, the electrical cord actually, was on fire. I was so pissed because I had just finished mana_trini's sack but hadn't yet had a chance to make my pants. Since he had his sack, I was positive that he wasn't going to buy me another machine. :P

This morning, the sewing machine was still there, cool to the touch and ready to go, so I finished off the sack as planned, just in time to watch the second half of the NZ vs England game in peace.

The sack is 185x30x15cm. Its dimensions, plus the padding, heavy cloth, and faux leather are what made it so tedious (for this amateur seamstress) to put together.

I ironed my harem pants material this morning, so this arvy, I can at last get started. I'm going to have a fantabulous outfit for my last African dance class. I hope. Don't fail me now, seat-of-the-pants sewing skills!
Tags: accomplishments, feeling crafty

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