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A meme and some links

I've been tagged by pjthompsonfor the 123 meme. When I saw she was doing it, I wanted to participate, too, but alas, all my English books are in boxes. However, when I realized she had tagged me, I decided not to let a mere box stand in my way, especially since they haven't been taped shut yet.


“To participate, you grab any book, go to page 123, find the fifth sentence, and blog it. Then tag five people.”


I blindly reached into the first box and pulled out...a DVD. The second box yielded: The Egyptologist, by Arthur Phillips, which I have yet to read.

Did it not occur to her that the story was filled with lies and impossibilities and probably hid two corpses in its forged folds?


I'm not tagging so narny narny nar nar. Oh, OK. I'll propagate the fun. I hereby tag:

frigg, footlingagaincathemery, tatterpunk, and magicnoire

navicat has been a more prolific poster on her website hosted blog, so I created a feed to it for those interested: joanneanderton


All my writer friends might be interested in the community food_in_fiction. I never pay attention to the spotlighted pages--mostly because I'm rarely on the homepage--but I happened to glimpse this one. I've been watching it for a day now and it seems to be pretty high-traffic (around 5 posts a day), but that may die down a bit after the spotlight shifts focus.
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