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I hesitated to post this just because I'm hesitant about such things, but I figure that since I shared my writing downs, I can share the message proclaiming I'm ready to climb back up. This isn't a decision that comes from a place of Ooh-shiny-inspiration, but rather one of, You can change your attitude if you really want. I'm tired of looking at the negative. Time to get back to the positive.

Disclaimer: this is spontaneous-writing. Only the worst of the typos have been edited.

Dancing daffodils, bobbing on the breeze
The bee flies backwards, the elephant trumpets
Steel and brass, clang, hear it smash
Call down the angels
Call in the bears,
You’ve been down
but now’s the time to get back up.
Buck up. Chin up,
embrace the clichés and the stereotypes,
just write.
Be free, be happy and gay,
don’t worry what others will say,
what labels they will pin on you.
You have nothing to prove and everything to gain
Quit being down
Quit thinking those failing thoughts
Let your fingers, your soul, fly
Go high, don’t forget the low,
but don’t takeout a pension
Keep searching for truth
Help others to see the light
Don’t be afraid to look into its brilliance
Sunblind--brilliance blind--seeing the dancing spots
As elusive as genius, but just as fun to chase.

It's raining and dreary here, but I'm ready for my spring to have spring so I'm springing it myself.
Tags: pouncing on the positive, that thing called writing
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