The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

The return of the list

I want to end my procrastination streak concerning, namely, the house, so I give you...a to-do list:

1)   wash a load of laundry
2)   fold and put away yesterday's laundry
3)   do yoga
4)   clean the bathroom
5)   clean the kitchen THANK YOU, [info]mana_trini for doing this! You are the bestest wubs in the world!
6)   finish packing the books and odds and ends on the living room bookshelf 
7)   practice belly dance choreography for at least 30 minutes with one of my DVDs*
8)   Go to belly dance class On my way out the door now...
9)   watch the finale of Nouvelle Star
10) wax my dreads <--This will have to wait until tomorrow evening

Ugh, that's a lot, and I didn't even mention writing or the floors.... *doesn't want to think about the floors!* Looks like I better get busy.

* I'm terribly saddened to say that the wonderful plan I had to keep me motivated and exercising this summer when my classes will be on hiatus has sadly been punctured, robbing me of that external drive I so sorely need to keep me achieving. So what was the plan? My belly dance teacher is leaving this year, and to my knowledge, there is no other qualified teacher to take over the classes. Rather than let the class lapse (and deprive me of an activity), I had secretly decided to work really hard over the summer in order to lead the class next year and planned to come forward if no one was found to do it. I'm not a teacher and I'm not an advanced dancer, but I am more experienced than the other ladies. However, last week, while waiting on the teacher, another of the students told me she had the same idea and she plans on taking over the class. I'm not sad about not being the teacher, but I'm gutted that my motivation to keep working and perfecting dances has just vanished. *poof* 

ETA: Seeing the number of times I used a variant of "sad" in that paragraph, I guess I am a, sad about the whole thing. :P
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