The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Kibbles 'n Bits and Guilt, oh my

Rather make that Kibbles 'n Bugs, and yeah, lots of guilt...

The local supermarkets ran out of the cat food we normally buy, but they had the same brand packaged differently (in boxes rather than heavy plastic sacks), so I bought two boxes of that instead. Even though it was the same brand, same flavor, our cats turned their noses up at it. Even N'djema barely picked at it, and she is a regular oinker when it comes to eating. The cats had pulled such a stunt before when we bought a no-name brand of food, so J and I persisted for another day and half, deciding that they'd eat it when they got good and hungry.  We assumed that the boxes had let in a bit of humidity, and that was the cause of the feline disdain.

Finally, disgusted at their finickiness, I determined to give the two boxes of food to the slew of street cats. I ripped the top off the opened box in order to pour the uneaten food from the bowls back into it...and discovered bugs! And hole-riddled pellets! And bug eggs! 

Oh the poor kitties! Oh the shame! Oh the horror! Oh the guilt!  


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