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And lo did the dust fly when she removed the cover from the machine

Yesterday, I pulled out my sewing machine and some fabric that I bought almost a year ago. I spent the afternoon sewing and now have a funky pair of harem-style pants and a stretchy black sleeveless tee to show for it. I took Home-Ec way back in the 9th grade, and the two or three weeks we spent on sewing are where I garnered the extent of my seamstress skills. During that class, I made a stuffed animal--can't really remember what, probably a bear--and a pair of shorts from Dallas Cowboys material.  Those shorts and dealing with the strange cut that forms the crotch paved the way for the fearless,  pattern-less sewing I undertake here in Mayotte. We have a small fabric store but no patterns. I don't really like following directions anyway, but experimenting can lead to time- and thread-wasting. I haven't runied any material yet, but I'm sure such a feat is within my reach. Or could be if I sewed more than once a year.

However, I did have a reason (besides needing more pants and shirts) for pulling out the dusty fabric.  The other day, while buying some embroidery floss to do a hairwrap (or dreadwrap, if you will), I saw some new material that begs to pass under my needle. Alas, I couldn't justify buying it on the spot until I had used the other. Now that I have, I believe a trip to the store is in order for tomorrow.

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