The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

And the moon fell in the sea

Still having pc problems; still snatching Internet moments when I can.

And what shall I do with this opportunity to speak with my friends? Why, I shall tell you about my dreams...

A few nights ago, I was witness to a cataclysm. I saw the Moon (in its half-full state) circling ever closer to Earth, getting bigger and bigger, until it shot by just over our heads and crashed into the sea a few miles offshore of where I was with J. Only as the Moon got closer, I could see that it wasn't the Moon at all--there were clouds and continents and water...a copy, in fact, of Earth. "Tsunami," I screamed and made J climb onto a shipping container with me. Soon, a wave gushed around the container, but we were safe. And then *poof* the water was gone and there was no damage left in its wake. Yes, I know that if the Moon crashed into Earth, I'd have more to worry about than a tsunami, but that's all my brain gave me. Sometimes in know why I dream the things I do; in this case, I had read the phrase "on the bright side of the moon" and my brain coupled it with the tragedy in Myanmar, which brought to mind the horrific number of deaths after the 2004 tsunami.

As disturbing as seeing our moon fall was, there were other bits in that dream that affected me more. I don't like talking about those bits, and so I won't. But another such dream haunted my sleep last night. Those kinds of dreams nightmares can wreck my whole day. 

These vivid, and sometimes bizarre, dreams invade my nights in cycles that I've tried, in a haphazard way, to pin down; and I have come to the not-so-astounding conclusion that they are related to hormones and Big (usually, but not always, upsetting) real-life happenings.

I almost always remember my dreams, but not all of them stick with me in the way that the "cycle" dreams do. Mostly, I like my night-mind wanderings, and I often contemplate keeping a dream diary in hopes of holding on to the weird a bit longer after waking. (My good intentions never last long, alas.) The dream journalling might encourage me to remember more, but I guess it wouldn't keep out the hateful, spiteful, esteem-wrecking nightmares. I've heard the theory that dreams are where the mind works out its problems, and I suppose there could be some truth to that. However, I've been having these kinds of dreams for years, and because the brain hasn't found a better way of making me feel/act in response to the crap it throws at me, I would like for it to shut up already.

In another vein, as bonkers as it may sound, when I was younger I had a premonitory dream (nightmare) that was realized years later, and another dream that led to a déjà vù* moment the following day. I've also had a nauseating "something BAD is about to happen in my world" feelings before--which always came to fruition. So maybe what disturbs me so much about these nightmares is that I fear it is only a matter of time before they come true.

*I told my m-i-l about this some years ago, and she gave the very typical, "Yes, but it would be so much more convincing if you had told someone about the dream BEFORE you saw it come true" comment. So, if the Moon-cum-Earth (or a planet that looks eerily like Earth) crashes into our world, be my witnesses that I said it first. ;)
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