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La Réunion

Ah ha, I bet you thought I was going to take another five months to get around to doing this. :P But no, I have no pity on you. This vacation was shorter than the one to  Madagascar, so you'll have less photos to wade through, if that is any consolation. ;-)

So, waaaaaay back in January, Julien and I went to La Réunion, where we stayed with Hervé and his wife Ti Claude. We knew Ti Claude not at all and Hervé only vaguely through a complicated, six-degree sort of thing. Back in Sancerre, Julien worked with a fellow named Damien, and Damien's girlfriend, Julie, is Hervé and Ti Claude's daughter. On Damien's word that Julien was a good guy, Hervé spoke on our behalf and helped us get assigned to Mayotte.

Damien and Julie were also in La Réunion at the same time, so between the four of them, we had guides and chauffeurs, not to mention a fantastic cook in Ti Claude, for the duration of our stay. They were so friendly and generous with their home and time that I'm sure they are in large part responsible for the affection in which I now hold that island. For the longest time, I didn't even want to go to Reunion Island because all Frenchies here in Mayotte who had been only talked abut McDonald's (yes! I'm serious) and getting to go to shopping centers. However, there is so much more to the island, and after looking at these pics, I'm sure you'll agree, mankind's got nothing on these natural attractions.

I'll let the photo captions do the trip description for me.
Kite surfer

Harnessing the wind at St-Gilles-les-Bains.

Acrobatic silhouette at Boucan-canot.
WatersportsLa Marché de St-Paul
Water sports

We didn't go in the sea at all while vacationing in Reunion Island since the lagoon in Mayotte is supposed to be prettier, but maybe Julien will have to go back with his surfboard.
La Marché de St-Paul

Every Friday, there is a wonderful market in St-Paul. I wanted to buy-buy-buy when I saw all these veggies and fruits for reasonable prices.

I have never eaten so many litchis in my life as I ate on this holiday. Before going to La Réunion, I thought them a so-so fruit, and then I got them fresh from the tree...
Yum, yum, yum.

After going to the market in St-Paul, we spent a lovely day in Entre-Deux with generous, warm-hearted Réunoinais folks.
Abandoned Creole homeHouses in Entre-Deux
Abandoned Creole home

Houses in Entre-Deux

Harvesting litchisGolden Turtlebug of Good Fortune
Harvesting litchis

Hervé and Ti Claude. We were invited to a cookout in Entre-Deux by a friend of H&C. Before going to eat, he took us to this farm, where a generous family gave us sacks full of
litchis and showed us around their amazing property. The Reunionais know the meaning of hospitality.
Golden Turtlebug of Good Fortune

The elderly farmer lady told me that if this bug lands on you, it brings you good fortune.

Striped orchidPink orchid
Striped orchid

The Réunionais adore orchids, and because of their climate, they get to plant them in their gardens as well as fill their homes and hothouses with them.
Pink orchid





Cascade close-upCloudy peaks
Cascade close-up

Cloudy peaks

Hill full of fallsPiton des Neiges
Hill full of falls

Too bad the sun was in our eyes. Very difficult to get a good photo under those conditions. You can just make out all the waterfalls beneath the clouds.
Piton des Neiges

Yes, supposedly they have had snow on this peak before.

Cirque de SalaziePlateau de Belouve
Cirque de Salazie

View of the western rim from Hell-Bourg. Salazie gets its name from the Malagasy word, "salaozy," which means
"good encampment."
Plateau de Belouve

We were supposed to climb this, but because of the clouds, we were afraid of not having a good view once we got to the top. We decided to hike to the Rivière du Mât instead.
Creole houseOld watermill
Creole house

Charming home in Hell-Bourg, a town named after the same admiral who gave his name to Hell-ville in Madagascar.
Old watermill

I don't know about you, but this scene makes me think of Japan with those great tufts of bamboo in the background and the vaguely pagoda-esque shape of the roof.
Rivière du MâtJulien
Rivière du Mât

My, that water is refreshing _and_ tasty. It was *hot* and J forgot the sunscreen back at the car. I was already sick at the time and the sunstroke didn't help things.

Shower timeNo clouds in the afternoon
Shower time

A quick scrub in one of the falls feeding the Rivière du Mât. They had to take another back at the house of Ti Claude's parents though. Hiking back to Hell-Bourg was hot business.
No clouds in the afternoon

I guess we could have gone to the top after all, but out-of-shape me is kind of glad we didn't. :P

Chez Ti Claude's parentsMerle
Chez Ti Claude's parents


A talking bird. He had the coolest eyes, but it was hard to get a picture of them through the bars of his cage. :(
Papyrus at sunset 
Papyrus at sunset


Next (and last) bunch will be posted tomorrow to spare my flist)

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