The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Here by Glimpses Known

Spied this little hairdresser's, tucked between banana plants and papaya trees, on the west coast of Grande Terre. We were starving and on the lookout for a brochetti or a roadside vendor of grilled chicken. We had no luck finding food that day, but if I would have been interested in chopping off my dreads or if mana_triniwould have had a hankering to shave his head, we could have had it done here for 5€. :P

(sorry for the poor quality. That's what I get for saving it as .gif)

Close up:

So that the average Saïd in need of a haircut does not mistake this banga for a simple dwelling, the sign makes the offered services plain. However, there are a couple of mistakes. Can you spot them?

Tags: glimpses: mayotte, pics

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