The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

The Sky is Falling

Crikey, J and I had a fright tonight. We were eating supper when the sound of a running, shouting crowd came through our open door and windows. Julien shoved his plate back and dashed outside. Men were hollering and women were screaming. I followed J onto the porch, and just to my right, a rock or a bottle shattered against the wall. J shoved me back in the house and cried out for me to close the shutters in the living room while he took care of the door and the office window. My heart was pounding and my mind working about whether I should try to find a weapon or not. I was sure that our house was being targeted because it is common knowledge that a "white" couple lives here.

J got on the phone with the police and, outside, the ruckus died down as quickly as it had arisen. We ventured back into the street. Full of people only a minute before, it was empty. A Mahorais on a scooter stopped to ask if we were ok and said that the tussle had nothing to do with the political situation. It was just a confrontation between the young hotheads of Labattoir and Pamandzi, who have an ongoing rivalry. The police told Julien as much over the phone.

*phew* That was an uncomfortable two minutes.
Tags: life in mayotte
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