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The bad man and what is to become of him

Mohamed Bacar is the man behind the current turmoil in Mayotte, and as of tonight, he is no longer here but en route for La Réunion. It remains to be seen what the Anjouanais will make of this move seeing as how he is simply being deported to another French island. (From the comments on various online articles, feelings are still running high, and the Comoriens are insisting he be turned over asap.) The French Minister for Overseas Departments and Territories is in La Réunion now and should be coming to Mayotte tomorrow to assess the situation. In an interview on the evening news, he, in the typically evasive political way, refused to plainly state what will happen to Mr Bacar and his demand for asylum. I denounce the stance, and I denounce the wisdom of according his request. Mayotte is already a point of contention with the Union of the Comoros, so there is no point getting enmeshed any more thoroughly in their affairs. They have a justice system, his crimes were committed there, and that is where he should be judged.

Because Bacar was not man enough to stay in Anjouan and face the repercussions of his lying and power grubbing, "metropolitans" (as the French of European descent are called) have been stoned, aggressed, had their vehicles burned, their houses ransacked under their noses; businesses have had to close and barricade their windows and doors; children have been deprived of their classes (yeah,  I'm sure, too, that they don't see that as such a bad thing) and the liberty of running freely about; the ferry service between the isles has been suspended trapping people away from their families; and most of all, all the islands' inhabitants have been robbed of their feeling of peace. There are even unconfirmed reports of a death.

We don't have any news on how things are going on GT now that Bacar has been flown out, but

mana_trini, who should have been off work, has to go in from 1-8am to patrol the streets. Tonight, I ask that you would keep him, his colleagues, and any other person who feels threatened  in your thoughts, and many thanks to those of you whom have left us messages of support and concern.


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