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Trouble is a-brewing

 Anjouan, Mayotte's nearest neighbor in the Comoros archipelago, is constantly a victim of military coups. Bacar, the most recent "president" and supposedly quite a number, fled the island, sneaking onto Mayotte, and is now asking the French govt for political exile.  mana_trinigot called into a work at 3am with orders to wear his bullet-proof vest because Bacar's men were carrying guns to defend themselves against attacks from their own people. (J got home safely at 7am)

The Anjounais in Mayotte are not happy about what they perceive as France siding with this dictator. So, today in Mamoudzou on Grande Terre, several mouzoungous were attacked; cars and scooters have been incinerated. Schools were shut down and an advisory warning was issued for everyone (specifically those of European descent) to remain at home.

I'm not a doomsayer, and I'm not particularly worried at this point, but already several teachers are predicting civil war. I'm just dumbfounded to think about how this one incident could serve as a bascule, changing the situation here from stability and complacency into warring and strife. 

The triangle of Mayotte, the Comoros, and France is charged with history and you'll get a different story according to who you talk to or the articles your googling pulls up. But living here and talking with the natives and different nationalities, I've seen a more complex side to it that does *not* hinge on French colonialism as some would have the masses think. I may post about it someday. 

ETA: There have also been burglaries on GT, and the Gendarmes (a division of French police associated with the military) are out of crowd-controlling ammo (like tear gas, etc), so reinforcements of material and personnel are being flown over from Réunion Island. Here in our town of Pamandzi, a police car was attacked with rocks and Molotov cocktails, probably by young people out looking for trouble rather than desirous of making a political statement.
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