The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Beginnings, Endings, and me stuck in the middle.

NaNoWriMo's April offering, Scriptfrenzy, is just around the corner. I wanted to participate this year, but that was before the Witherwilds trilogy reared its head and bit me on the tush. I guess trying my hand at a screenplay will have to wait. I don't really mind the delay; working on two MSS and a synopsis for a third hasn't left me much time to plan my movie idea. That's another goal that will have to be scratched off this year's sheet.

Speaking of the synopsis, the focus ends today, and I'm feeling pretty good with the synop I ended up with. If you want to see an easy-to-digest list of the points we learned, check out

hkneale's post "Suddenly, synops aren't so scary."

Another thing that will be ending soon is the fifth round on the novel_in_90 community. (Never fear, another will start April 1st.) By March 31st, I aim to have 67,500 words (the comm goal) on The Bitter River. I'm almost 14k short of that now, and the problem is that I've hit a slump of sorts. Since I haven't been writing scenes in order, I feel like I'm endlessly repeating myself. I need to bring in another character and tie up some stuff I left hanging at the very beginning, but I haven't quite got my whys and wherefores figured out. Plowing on seems to be the only solution, but I don't know the direction in which I should set my plow.

My OWW membership is up in less than two weeks. Must think to renew.

And, sadly, the end is nigh for the Six Nations rugby tournament. The last three matches will be played tomorrow. France could take it, but we'd have to beat Wales by more than 20 points. I'm not really sure we can do that after the way we played against Italy. Granted a lot of different players have been selected for this match.  However! The 6Nations may be wrapping up, but French season is still going strong so I have lots of Top 14 matches to watch, and the Super 14 (the season for the top South African, New Zealand, and Australian teams) started recently, so I guess I'll get my fix that way. Oh, and the European cup should start up again soon... 

With all the rugby, I feel like I'm watching too much tv, but the sixth season of Nouvelle Star, the French version of American Idol, just started and mana_trini got me hooked. *sigh* It's a wonder I find time to write.

Oh, magicnoire, I got my kundalini yoga DVD the other day. I like it so far! (Our DVD player is bugging out, so I haven't got to do all the routines yet.)


Tags: goals, rugby, that thing called writing, the best laid plans, the bitter river

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