The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

One down, fifty million to go

I may have been contraried in attaining some of my goals, especially those that pertain to constancy, but I have succeeded in marking one thing off my master to-do list for 2008: read three books in French. I've completed 2.75 3 fiction books and one nonfiction (research for The Bitter River).

The fiction is a series of a fantasy novels, Le Secret de Ji, loaned to me by mana_trini's team leader and consists of four books. There's a follow-up of five novels, Les Enfants de Ji, for me to read after that, as well as a trilogy, La Moïra, from a different author. So no worries about running out of reading material for a few more weeks.

I've already learned a few expressions and the spelling of some words that I was unsure about before, so I guess the reading is paying off like I hoped and is teaching more about my second language.

Now, if only I could cram more Spanish into my brain.
Tags: accomplishments, books, goals

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