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I know  kmkibble75posted a link to whale hunt photos a few days ago, and I must admit that just the word "grim" made me shudder and not want to click on it. I've seen footage of dolphin slaughter before and wasn't ready to see something similar. On the site, though, there's only one photo that opens immediately, and while it is sad, it isn't overly gruesome. I encourage you to check it out to read the accompanying article.

If the thought of what Japan is doing in the name of "scientific research" makes you more than a little hot under the collar and sick to the stomach, then sign the petition on this site. pjthompson, there's even a game where you can try to sink research hunting vessels.

For the record, let me say that I don't believe hunting FOR FOOD is wrong (as anyone who knows that  mana_trinihunts for our food can imagine)  IF the hunter respects the prey, and respect means leaving endangered/too-young/out of season animals the hell alone. There is such an abundance of foods to eat in this world that hunting a species to extinction to satisfy your palate is just twisted and wrong.
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