The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Oh yeah? I'll show you!

Remember the other day when I wrote that whiny, doubting Thomas, quasi permission-seeking entry? And in that entry, I seemed to think that any project X I took up to while away the time needed to do and process research on the The Bitter River would assuredly be easier to write? Remember how I insinuated stated flat out that it would be brainless?

Well, of course, that made the ol' brain hitch up its britches, jut out is jaw, and huff, "Brainless! Brainless!? I'll show you!"

Taking a comment from a discussion I was having with tatterpunkand completely disregarding the whole point of another project (something easier and quicker to finish), the brain came back with an idea. For a trilogy.





Oh Lord.

mana_trini naturally said, "You always have big ideas, don't you?" Yes, I do, but they are big in different ways.

So much for writing something that will give me any quick returns on completion satisfaction. Good thing when I signed up for this writing thing, it was for life.
Tags: solitary headgames, that thing called writing, the best laid plans, witherwilds

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