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Taking the tiger by the tail

 I've got to get back on the wagon and fix my focus on my goals once more. For today, and probably until Monday, I'm going to do whatever occurs to me to do, but come Monday, I hope to will have a schedule of sorts. Some people may think that anal, but I know myself and how I operate best. It isn't easy to be unemployed and manage one's time wisely, at least not for me.


Do my yoga Boy, did I need that session. I haven't done yoga since my mat got a soaking in the sewage. 
*      Do a load of laundry
*      Fold laundry
*      Do the dishes
*      Clean the kitchen
*       Vacuum 
*      Mop
*      Write 750 words
*      Revise a list of Spanish vocabulary
*      Play ONLY 3 rounds of Luxor 2 (meaning use up all my lives 3 times) - I'm still alive. :P
*      Read - Going to do this in bed. Consider it done.
*       Work on abovementioned schedule - I have a headache, so I'll do this tomorrow.

And, oh yeah:
*       Go to bellydance class


Tags: discipline is my friend, listmania

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