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More Madagascar Photos

I meant to get these up earlier, but circumstances beyond my control intervened. They have a way of doing that.

The following pictures are of our two days in Ambariomena (The Red Court--birthplace of the current Saklava king) and correspond to paragraphs 7-10 of this entry.

And we're off - second dayHow slow can you go?
And we're off - second day

The boat is loaded, and we are leaving Anjiabe (The Big Sand) for Ambariomena (The Red Court).
How slow can you go?

Maybe people think I was being mean about S&O and their extreme laziness when helping unload the boat, but here is a series of pics that shows just how sloooooow they went compared to everyone else.
More than one way to scale a fishVillage across the way
More than one way to scale a fish

Flavio taught J a new technique for de-scaling a fish. Very handy!
Village across the way

Fishing village where there is also a small school.
Being artsygranary in watercolor
Being artsy

While everyone else rests and J snaps photos, I decide to paint some scenery.
granary in watercolor

Pestling the riceWinnowing rice
Pestling the rice

A woman's work is never done.
Winnowing rice


J wanted to help but ended up making a mess instead.

The Plate WhispererHome on piles
The Plate Whisperer

Home on piles

Malagsy children
Malagsy children

I spyBoy with slingshot
I spy

Boy with slingshot

Apero time againCarri poisson
Apero time again

Who needs a drink? Make mine a virgin, please.
Carri poisson

Man, that Flavio could COOK!
Mocherolle de MayottePretty boy
Mocherolle de Mayotte

Some of the wildlife around the village...
Pretty boy

Geckos galore in Madagascar.
Cool lizardSpider
Cool lizard

Don't know what kind he is.

She's an ugly critter.
Another Alefa boatAt peace
Another Alefa boat

We left Madriokely on the same day as this pirogue, but we were never in the same campsite and only crossed one another a few times on the water.
At peace

Heading back to Ambariomena from the mangrove. We didn't see any crocs, but the scenery was well worth it.

Coming out of the mangrove.

DaybreakRise and shine

It is dawn and already the cookfires are burning in the village across the bay. Funnily enough, early-early morning was my favorite time on the trip, the smells, the sights, the sounds.
Rise and shine

DawnGoing fishing

What is it about traveling and splendid locales that can make even me, who is not normally a morning person, rise to meet the dawn with such joy?
Going fishing

Off to work he goes.
Back on the boatSunset on the village
Back on the boat

Morning of the third day. O has to go back to Madriokely, so we loaded up all our things and moved to a campsite on a presque-île near Ambariomena.
Sunset on the village

As seen from our second encampment at Ambariomena
Fixing the targetAmbariomena  - a stone's throw away
Fixing the target

A stick, half a coconut shell, a few rocks, and we're ready to go for hours of entertainment.
Ambariomena - a stone's throw away

One of the children's games: try to knock the coconut shell off the stick. Times Miquela hit the shell: 3. Times the boy in red hit it: 150, give or take a few...
The Red Court at sunsetDoing the dishes
The Red Court at sunrise

View from our second campsite.
Doing the dishes

Sand and seawater, that's all you need for clean dishes.
Red dressHide tide at dawn
Red dress

Hide tide at dawn

Early riserMorning stroll
Early riser

Morning stroll

This kid must have been all of three years old, just wandering around on his own on the presque-île....

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