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Why me? Why now?

OK, now that the melodrama is out of my system...

Thanks to all those who expressed concern for mana_trini's foot. He's feeling a lot better now. He has to work tomorrow, but he's going to try to get out of it because on the Kinga (the boat he'll be working on), he'll have his feet in the sea water constantly. Not a good thing for a healing wound.

And now that he's feeling better, it's my turn to have the ick. I think I have the beginnings of the flu. Perfect timing as we leave for Reunion Island on Wednesday. I've taken it easy, downed meds, and even napped today in an attempt to stave it off. Usually, the first two days of a cold or the flu are the worst on me--the most tiring--so I should still enjoy the trip.

In the good news dept., I've passed 7K on TBR, and one of my characters, Claire, took her first independent breath today (even though she's dead, poor mite),and I'm thrilled with the way her personality is coming through her diary entries. As a writer, I live for those moments where my characters and stories can surprise me (that being the case, it's no small wonder that I'm not a fan of detailed outlines), so there was a burst of intense joy in the murk of sickness squatting in my body. 

When things start going this good, it isn't long before I'm entrenched in the story, think story, dream story, meditate get the picture. That's the zone I love. I know I'm going to have lots and lots of bumpy parts ahead and places where various narrative conundrums and recalcitrant characters make my life hell, but for the moment, things are looking pretty rosy indeed.
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