The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

The First 5K

I've written 5K on The Bitter River, and while I can't say it is Love, it is no longer Vague Dislike (I've never experienced Book Hate). I'm very pleased about that because I was beginning to wonder if I knew what I was doing by taking up this project.

True to my word, today has been fairly laid back. Aside from doing the dishes, no housework. Nevertheless, I did yoga, I wrote 1K,  I pierced a few seeds, and I did a sketch. I also downloaded a program to start learning Spanish and finished reading the last few pages of The Amber Spyglass. And, to top it off, mana_triniand I played dominoes, then watched a rugby game.

So, I'm doing good with my goals. Now if only I can keep this up for another month or so until some excellent habits form.
Tags: goals, the bitter river
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