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mana_trini and I were supposed to ferry to Grande Terre today to go to the library, among other things, but he's seeing the doc right now. He had a blister on the back of his heel, and the other night, he and his team stopped a kwasa (boat of illegal immigrants). What do the two things have to do with one another? Well, the kwasa has a capacity of 10 or so, and they frequently load as many as 45-50 people in them. Then, they spend anywhere from 5 to 15 hours trying to make it to the Mahorais coast--with no toilets and nowhere to land to do the necessaries. And because most of them can't swim... So, add that to the zebu patties and goat droppings swimming in the hull and you get a ripe bacterial soup.

Open wound, stop kwasa, step in soup... Yeah, not pretty. It happened to another fellow here and he almost lost his foot. No joke. I hope the antibiotics the doc gives him are efficacious.

So, I guess I'll do yoga, write 1k (1102), vacuum, do the grocery shopping, wax my dreads, and watch rugby instead

ETA: I even went for a short bike ride and worked on my query letter. Productive day. I think I deserve to take it fairly easy tomorrow. :-P
Tags: ickiness, the best laid plans

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