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In like a lion, out like a lamb...or a sheep in any case

On the twelfth day of Christmas, mnfaure sent to me...
Twelve sickpeas traveling
Eleven sunsets writing
Ten dreadlocks a-bellydancing
Nine blues baking
Eight watercolors a-recyling
Seven books a-soul-searching
Six movies a-drawing
Five ki-i-i-illing mosquitos
Four spinning tales
Three open spaces
Two solar panels
...and an india in an ancient history.
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frigg do you think there are 10 other sickpeas in the world?

gakked from hkneale

In 2008, mnfaure resolves to...
Give up baking.
Become a better africa.
Tell my family about solar panels.
Connect with my inner Rodin.
Go to the sunsets every month.
Put fifty dreadlocks a month into my savings account.
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 Giving up baking? No way.
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