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What to do

My to-do list, to get me off to a good start for the rugby-watching marathon* weekend.

*     Laundry
*     Yoga
*     walk Dziani crater (may not get to do this because of the rain) Actually, we went for a 9km bike ride
*    bake cinnamon rolls for pregnant neighbor (of course I kept a pan for J and I; what do you take me for?)
*    make yoghurt
*    clean the kitchen
*     vacuum
mop -- Oops, silly me showered right after the bike ride, so I didn't do these two. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow morning...
*    pierce and string some seeds
*    watch Auch vs Biarritz  Auch 11 - Biarritz 17
*    watch Toulouse vs Clermont Clermont 21 - Toulouse 17
*    dump an indeterminate amount of rainwater ETA: 150L 160L  and counting

*there aren't that many matches this weekend, only four or five and at least two of those are England championship games.

Tags: discipline is my friend, goals, listmania, rugby
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