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Culinary heaven pt II

at my m-i-l's insistence, we opened her Christmas present to us. Oh, the raptures; oh, the delight:

Foie gras*
Homemade fig preserves
Dried sausage
Melsa (white sausage)
Homemade jamboneau (preserved ham)
3 packets of loose-leaf tea (Tea of Lords; Red Hammam Tea [with rooibos]; Geisha Flower)

*I was thrilled to pull this out of the box. I can't believe that I've actually been craving foie gras. 'Tis the season--in France, that is. Foie gras is not part of the holidays where I come from. What am I becoming?

On a non-gastronomic, but sadly humorous, note, while I was chatting with his mother, I asked  mana_trinito do a wordmap with the word "water" because it plays a central part in my next book. I didn't tell him that though and five minutes later he had come up with--among other things-- water>>rain>>roof>>Aïcha (our landlady)>>moving>>reparations...

Thanks, hon.

footlingagain,  it is 20 past midnight, but I'm going to do yoga before I go to bed. Go easy with that mocking stick.
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