The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Rolling on the dough

After chatting with slmcgaw and then rabiagale, I've narrowed down my playing field to a comfortable dimension. I now have a tentative structure that will allow me to bring in all of the elements that excite me about the location, history, and characters; clearly defined character arcs; and an overarching motif to give the whole the coherency it needed.

Toward the end of our conversation, rabiagale asked me, "Are you always this ambitious?" Yes, I think I am. This time, though, I'm trying not to let the fear of failure confine my ideas and bridle my creativity. But already, even before starting, the certainty that I can't make it work (ie make the final product match the mental dream) is my constant companion in all my research moments.

This afternoon, mana_trini so encouragingly said, "You're insane. What you're proposing sounds so difficult, but I love you because you don't let that insanity brake you." Thank you, love. I think. :-P He then proceeded to say, "You're going to sell this, and then we are going to be so rich. I'm going to have three specialized spearguns and four surf boards and a huge sailboat. Oh man, we're going to be rolling on the dough."

ETA J actually said: "You don't let the FEAR of insanity brake you."
Tags: fear of failure, that thing called writing, the bitter river
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