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Snippet Day

I meant to post this earlier but life has been tumultuous the past week and a half. I still have yet to finish this Inktober piece or sum up my thoughts on my month, but I did apply an ink wash after much hemming and hawing over whether or not I should do it. I decided that I have no experience in this and never will have if I don't take risks. So after trying to get a good photo for future reference's sake should I totally ruin the sketch with a wash, I went ahead and laid down some ink.

The wash totally changed the look of the piece and created new challenges and needs in terms of shading and darkening the values elsewhere in the piece. That is what I will be working on little by little.

Execution aside, do you prefer it with or without the dark background?


Take a look and tell me what you see:

Need a closer look?

What do you suppose this is?

This, my friends, is the makings of kimchi, all homegrown, even the ginger there in the front that looks like a dirty stone.

Deliciousness will ensue.

Snippet Saturday

I didn't do my wash as planned, but, here, have a phone photo. This is some of the work I was able to do over the last couple of days :

I hope to do a write up about what I liked, what I didn't, what I learned, etc., and post the final in the next couple of days, but life has been really life-y these past few days, leaving me little time for what I want to get done.

here is a link to the other progress photos.

Inktober has ended

...but my work on this piece has not. I had a lot going on yesterday and knew I wouldn't be able to work on it then. The days before saw us having a snow storm that knocked out our power and left us with gigantic fallen oak branches to get off the road and cut down for firewood (actually Julien did most of that; I just moved a few small ones). Leaves haven't fallen from the trees and we have had a drought year, so the combination of greater landing area for the wet snow and sapless, fragilized branches was too much for the trees. The roads were (are) a mess all over the area. Another driver and I were stuck on a back road last night, moving branches together, one so big he had to hike to his parents' house to get a chainsaw to take care of it.

But I digress. You don't need my excuses. In any case, I did draw yesterday, so I have successfully completed Inktober, even if I need to do a bit more work on my piece. I did a bit today but didn't photograph it to keep this reference confined to progress made during the Inktober challenge.

This is what I have so far, and since I haven't finished, I don't have to have a nice photo ;) (However, the photo looks blurry now and was not in my photo program :-/ )

the progressionCollapse )

I hope to have the final to show for my snippet this Saturday.

Snippet Sunday - Inktober WK 4

I know, I know. It is not Sunday, not even here in France.  However, I don't really like getting on the computer much on Sunday, seeing as how it is my day of rest. So now, I guess I will start saying Snippet Saturday.  I do hope to keep up with snippets of some kind after Inktober comes to an end. It is a manageable way for me to post, giving me some content that I don't have to think too much about.

This week's installment:

Sorry for the bluriness. I am always apologizing for my crap presentation, but I promise to make a better effort with the final.

The previous weeks:
3, 2, 1...Collapse )

Snippet Sunday - Inktober WK 3

Wow. Only a little over a week to go. I can't wait to see how this is going to come together.

My husband and I had a good laugh over how I said I was pleased that i wasn't trying to be so detail-oriented. But! This piece is full of abstract lines!

Scanned and pasted together, which explains the odd white band on the right that I can't be bothered to fix right now.
First two weeks under cutCollapse )

A new home

I thought I would share that Banjo found a new home a couple of weeks ago. He now lives with a family who has a fenced-in yard and a female dog in need of companionship. I am so happy, grateful, and relieved.


Snippet day - Inktober WK 2

I missed yesterday's snippet on account of being out of town (out of countryside?) for a family visit, so here is last week's Inktober effort, a day late:

I scanned as intended, but because my scanner 's screen is just shy of the paper's dimensions, I didn't quite get all of the image. What didn't make it on is not worth rescanning and frankensteining to get a full image. I'll do that with the final artwork.

(click for a larger image)

Here is a link to the first week in case you want to see how I progressed.

Snippet Sunday - Inktober WK 1

For the first time ever, I am participating in Inktober. This is meant to be a lowkey challenge for me, a way for me to keep it simple and just have a pen in hand again.  That is all I am using for the moment: a pen and a single sheet of paper. I still haven't decided whether or not I will do an ink wash over parts of the image. I think I will, but that decision can come later.

I'll try to remember to scan my images next time instead of using my phone to take pics.

The whole, being drawn on a 30.5 X 45.5 cm (12 X 18in) block of water color paper (in case I do decide to do an ink wash):

I started on the bottom right of the image:

The most challenging thing so far? Loosening up. I started to get there toward the end of the week, I think, as seen by the suggestive lines of this top coral mass and the hinted-at fish from today's session.

Again, sorry for the image quality.

In the works; oh the work!

Remember when I said to keep on eye on our pond? This pond, that was so poorly made (and by a professional, we were told):

Here it is this winter, with Sprout for scale, at maximum capacity, and you can see the liner is never fully underwater. There was always a minimum of 12" (30cm) of liner showing. Because the banks were so steep they were a danger to kids and animals and could not be disguised by vegetation, earth, or stones.

Yes, it was big and deep enough for the ducks to have a good dunk, but it was still an eyesore.

So instead of simply clearing out the sedges that where beginning to take over, we decided on a total pond overhaul. As you might have seen in a recent post, J already pulled out the liner; and when we rented an excavator to install a new septic system, we took advantage of it to reshape and extend the pond.

J started leveling things out:

Progress photos under the cutCollapse )
Let us hope that the regrowth with be both rapid and beautiful. I will now go downstairs with a rake, bucket, and shovel, and start collecting stones and smoothing things out. The sooner I get that done, the sooner we can get the ducks in place. And boy am I going to be happy to do that. They are not good animals to move around on pasture. Think of all the water I must lug around...

Gleying developments to come as they, well, develop...:P


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