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All my bags are packed; I'm ready to go

wayfaring wordhack
Well, that is almost true.  Still have to finish the carry-ons and pack our toiletries, but we are pretty much ready for our trip to Oklahoma.  Sprout wants to leave NOW!

15hrs to go.

I'll take my laptop, but since my guardians don't have wireless and their pc is as old as the hills, I doubt I'll be around much.

See you in a few weeks. Be well.

Userpic bug?

When replying to several comments on one of my last entries, I meticulously chose different userpics for each reply...and had all of them show up with my default pic.

Has this happened to anyone else?
Egypt: Sphinx
Despite bans on the importation and use of tuk-tuks in Egypt (Cairo?), the little buggers persist and are being driven in streets where they were (are?) forbidden, i.e. right in front of our apartment building.

I don't have anything against them per se, except their drivers are typically Egyptian, thinking they own the world roads; and whether because it is some unspoken law or because the drivers tend to be young boys/teens, the tuk-tuks are equipped with monster speakers of dubious quality that blare out obnoxious music or "other" sounds.

Your glimpse today comes to you courtesy of a tuk-tuk with a noise of the obnoxious "other" category.


As this guy was driving along, his speakers kept playing, at full-blast no less, a service message the likes of which you hear  at an airport.  Given the aforementioned dubious quality, despite the volume, I was unable to make out the words, but this should give you an idea of the sound and rhythm:  "Bing bing bing, flight 432 now boarding at gate 12; bing bing bing."

And of course, he "drove along" s.e.v.e.r.a.l. times and stopped to chat with the bawab of the facing building.

* Without googling, who knows what song this comes from? :P It's been playing on repeat in my mind ever since Sprout watched Aladdin the other day.

Making sure he's fit to survive

Sprout: !!!
With a big sis like Sprout, Junebug has to learn fast; he has to get mobile!

To that end, this has been a very busy month for him.  The day before we left France (Aug 29), he pushed up onto all fours.  He was moving about then, but only backwards, not having figured out how to advance.

Our first day back in Egyt, he pushed up onto hands and toes. He can take wee "steps" like that, but prefers "the wave." He has mastered an inchworm or seal-flop type motion and gets about really well, following me around the house.

On September 24th, our first day at Anafora, he pushed himself into a sitting position. The 25th he pulled himself onto his feet. He's been practicing every day. Sprout walked at 1 year and 10 days; I think her bro will beat to that milestone by several months if he keeps this up.

In other milestone news, he cut his first tooth today.


He'll be 7 months old in two days.

Here By Glimpses Known

Egypt: Camel love
Because we were on the road Wednesday, here is your glimpse of Egypt a few days late.

transport en commun
"Hey, look! There's the Nile!"
art journal
With our trip out of town this week and a healthy dose (har har) of the crud for the kids and me, I did the minimum on the creative front this week.

Actually, that is not entirely true! I did a minimum on my oil painting, but I did some drawing exercises; loosely copied some designs from this book; speed-sketched a couple of animals for Sprout to guess; and I did a quick watercolor sketch of some date palms at Anafora. I wanted to remember the vibrant, jewel-like colors and variety of dates ripening there in this season:

date palms - Anafora

I moved before finishing my sketch, which is why my composition is weird.

Here is the "progress" on the oil painting. I corrected the shape of her head and started laying in some colors on the hair as well as a light glaze over her skin. This stage is the one that freaks me out, the one where it pretty much looks like a mess. I have to have faith that it will get there as I lay on more layers, rounding out the forms, brightening the colors, refining the details...

"A work in progress, a work in progress," that is my mantra.

Gone. Not long and not far, but not here

wayfaring wordhack
We're going away for a few days, to the monastery I mentioned at the beginning of the year.  Will be back this weekend, and hopefully, this time I'll do a write up about the place.

Be well, friends.

Snippet Sunday - Underpainting

art: monk
Art is partly communication, but only partly. The rest is discovery. -William Golding, novelist, playwright, poet, Nobelist (1911-1993)

The above is a quote that I received in my inbox.  Very apt as I'm working on my painting and am a bit terrified of moving on (read: messing up). I thought I had a better paint selection on hand than what I actually have, so now the question is: Continue with the discovery or put progress on hold until I buy more paint.  My creative impulse is telling me to 'Get out and make your own discoveries!*' but my mind is screaming, "Don't you dare ruin it!"

In any case, I have the underpainting done in raw umber and burnt sienna:


*Paraphrasing Dr. Scott, who, at the end of each episode of the cartoon "Dinosaur Train," encourages kids to:  "Get outside, get into nature and make your own discoveries!"

Here By Glimpses Known

Egypt: Sphinx
We've sadly been unable to explore much of the Egyptian desert due to instability in the country and safety restrictions imposed by J's work. On a trip to Fayoum, however, we went to Wadi Al-Hitan (Valley of the Whales), a World Heritage Site, and spent a night camping surrounded by fennec foxes.

Junebug was only 7weeks old at the time, so it was a speedy visit. Camping with a 3-yr old and a newborn in a 2-person tent = interesting, but not worth repeating unless strictly necessary. :P


Whale fossils in Wadi Al-Hitan
Tis but a glimpse, tis true. Gander-takers, this way...Collapse )
Oh, and what the heck, why not a camping pic and one of a fox:

Naturiste is the term, I believeCollapse )

Here By Glimpses Known

Egypt: Camel love
Been awhile since I gave you a glimpse of Egypt.

Here is an early morning shot of some kids in the village of Tunis, not far from Fayoum Oasis. We hope to return to that village soon(ish) to take pottery lessons.

kids in Tunis


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