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Feeling a bit like I'm caught in a whirlwind

I know we (well, the kids and I) have a long break ahead of us, but it seems like time has caught us up and is flinging us madly about since we got back to France. This is going to sound like a list of complaints, but it really isn't. It's just busyness and things.

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All this to say that I had (have!) grand plans for getting some writing and art done this summer, but I haven't found the time or breath or centeredness to do it...yet.  I'll get there, though.  

The Jacket

Here is the hooded jacket on the mini model, who is not so mini any more:

I didn't (haven't) put a pompom on the hood yet because I was pretty fed up and wanted to call it done. What do you think?  Should I add one? If I do, it will be the color of the blue buttons.

Spring colors

When we arrived in France last week, I was struck by all the flowers in bloom. My first thought was of how different places have different spring colors. The very next day, asakiyume posted about the very same thing.

Here is a sampling of spring on this side of the Black Mountains:

Of course, my bouquet-making urge is in full swing. I love a little bit of country inside, and when we get our Someday Farm, there will be flowers aplenty, with some planted just for cutting.

Snippet sort of

Finished the sweater!  Woot!

No photos yet because the model is in bed, but hopefully I can post a couple tomorrow.  The pattern, as I've stated many times, needs serious work, and I don't know that I have the time or energy to put into "fixing"* it and making a tutorial to help out any other people who might like to try their crochet hooks at it.  I would have loved to, though. Priorities, priorities.

Glad to have that project off my hands.

Come Sunday I hope to have writing progress to post here.

* By fixing it, I mean not only make the directions clearer but adjust measurements to fit kids as I know (have) them.  I made the 18-24 month size, and it is understandably a bit long for Junebug, but Sprout, who is 4.5 can wear it. I can barely button it around Junebug's waist, even after adding rows to the buttonband. The sleeves were also too narrow at the wrists. I upped the size to the one for 36 month-olds and STILL had to add rows up the sides to make the sleeves big enough...

Time to head to the shower then bed, for lo, the alarm will sound at 3:30 a.m.  J and I will have to lug two kids and all the bags down four flights of stairs because the elevator has been out of commission for almost a week.  Going to refuel for a day (hopefully half a day) of traveling.

But this time tomorrow, I'll be in France, listening to a chorus of night-loving insects instead of incessant car horns.  Can't wait.

Catch you from the other continent...

Snippet Sunday

A day late, I know, but i had a hectic day yesterdy. The snippet was what had to give for me to see to more pressing matters.

Since wrapping up the zero draft, I haven't touched my kid's book.

This week, I worked a bit on Junebug's sweater. Stil have to finish one sleeve and then put it together and make the hood.  Will I finish before we leave for France on Thursday?

I doubt it. :P

Snippet Sunday

I accomplished zero draft of my children's book this week. Some of the entries are fairly polished and may make it into the next draft, but many need tweaking.

Revision and further research are in my future.

This week, however, I need to focus on getting Junebug's sweater finished.  I know he will need it in France. I really need quiet and time alone to make progress, two commodities in short supply around here. :P

Just to let you know

I'm just popping on to say that J and I (and the kids, of course) are back from Anafora, where we went to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary.

A good time was had by all.

I'm on monastery hours now, and it is waaaaaay past my bedtime.  Will try to check in a bit more in the coming days, but we are entering a really busy time right now:

- J is doing an 8-day blacksmithing workshop;
- several get-togethers with friends before leaving for the summer;
- a retreat next weekend;
- packing;
- leaving for the summer on the 14th, so a ton of bits and bobs to get accomplished before then...

Snippet Sunday

I did a few more lions this week but didn't take photos of them.  I mostly worked on writing text for my book. I've made a lot of progress after realizing that I have to write the humorous lead in bits before the non-fiction facts so that they will flow seamlessly together. Seems obvious, I know, but I made the silly mistake of not approaching it more like a story.  The info will naturally work better for kids if there is some semblance of flow, even if the entries are not explicity related one to the other.

As I was telling frigg, this is coming hard to me, despite my silly remarks long ago that "it shouldn't be too hard" to write nonfiction.  It still has to be entertaining, informative, and accessible.  Tricky for one of my convoluted tendencies. 

Snippet Sunday

I'm posting early today because I actually thought about photographing my sketchbook while the sun was still in my slice of the sky.  Wonders will never cease.

This week I went off on a bit of tangent and sketched skads of lions.  I started doing a cat head and then got an idea for a story about a lion, so I drew a bunch of variations on a lion's face and ways the mane could be.

So for a snippet, the cat and some of the lions:
Annnnnd, wouldn't you know. The photo upload is not playing nicely. Not going to waste my time with it.

Suffice it to say, I had stuff to share today, and for that I am content.

Ha!  Posted then hit "edit," and it let me post the photos. Go figure.


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