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Snippet Sunday...or Progress Report Day

writing: food for thought
Because, really, there is no snippet to share, just a brief summation of my week's work.

For this project, I am illustrating and writing up info on 12 critters; I've now researched 10, noting facts that could interest young readers. Heck, I found facts that interest me, too. :P  And good thing, that. Don't want the writer bored out of her gourd.

However, there are at least two creatures about which I've found very little to work with. :-<  Enough, perhaps, to keep them, but if I had alternatives, I might consider changing my line up... We'll see.

I don't know that I'll post a snippet next week because tomorrow we leave on a small trip to celebrate Junebug's first birthday.

A funny thing happened to me last night: While listening to the sportcasters talk about a rugby match that had just ended, I thought, "OK, game is over; time to write on Witherwilds."  Without realizing it, I had just been transported back to Mayotte, when I watched games several times per week and wrote pretty much everyday.

Snippet Sunday

art - pondering
I finally got pictures* before the sun went down, so for once, you will get a true snippet.  I have been hemming and hawing over what age range I intend this for and have still to make up my mind 100%. That decision is of supreme importance, as I'm sure you can imagine. Artwork and text hinge on the target audience.

A few photosCollapse )

Help, please!

Sprout: !!!
Is anyone on my flist a crocheter?  I started making a hooded jacket for Junebug (before Christmas) but petered out on in because of (to me and obviously a lot of other people, judging from the comments) unclear instructions.  I need help understanding something and would appreciate it so much if someone could make sense of it for me.

The excerpted instructions are as follows:

Place a marker 9:11:13:15:17:19 sts in from armhole edge to mark inner edge of shoulder seam leaving 14:15:16:17:18:19 sts unworked at front opening edge.

Here is what I have so far, to which I should apply the above instrustions:

hooded jacket copy

Where do I start counting from? In which direction? Any ideas?

Snippet Sunday

art journal
I didn't forget my snippet yesterday, but we had dinner guests. I cooked all day and went to bed immediately after they left.  I had plans to post today, but Mondays are very busy here.  I'm just basically posting to reference, for posterity, that I've been diligent with my sketching and searching out reference material.

And now I must go for I have a sick baby to nurse. To top it off, he is teething. Always seems to happen in conjunction, that teething and the ick.

G'night, LJ.

Here, you misplaced your laughter

art - pondering
Valentine's Day, 1980, my older sister came home from school with a drawing for my mother. It was of a heart, a long heart, a bit pinched at the top and stretched out on the bottom, like a fought-over piece of taffy. My mother laughed. Not a nice laugh.  And when I heard her, my heart hurt for my sister. Even before I saw my sister's face, I knew that my mother's laugh had done something to her. Sure enough, I never saw my sister draw again. She was 7.

A while back, an aunt of mine mailed some pictures to me at my mil's house. Because I was impatient to see them, I asked my mil to open the envelope and show them to me via SKype.  Enclosed was a drawing I had done when I was 7.

miq giraffe 7.5 yrs

When she saw it, my mil laughed. Not a nice laugh.  "Ha! Look how big you made the giraffe! You sure don't know anything about proportions, do you!?" Knowing that my mil is not artistically inclined herself and being well over the age of 7 myself, I was able to dismiss her jibes, but part of me thought, How hurtful would that laughter have been to me as a child?

As it was, I was pretty chuffed at how well I had done without a reference photo, without Wikipedia around to let me know that giraffes don't eat apples. And I know from up close and personal experience just how big giraffes are, so the joke is on her, so to speak.

And then this, from a journal entry 23.04.2013:
I also want to do some rough sketches for Beanie and the fish book idea I have...I remember now that once upon a time, while I was at university, I thought about writing and illustrating children's books. A forgotten dream! Another thing I let people discourage me from with tales of "It's too hard/near impossible to break into."  And instead of using their "helpful," well-intentioned discouragements to work harder, I took their comments as a veiled way of saying that I wasn't good enough and left it at that. I could have used them as fuel to practice and improve.

Instead, I gave up, thinking, "Well, my passion isn't deep enough. Guess that means it isn't my calling."

Well, to hell with well-intentioned discouragements and misplaced laughter. I'm trying my hand at it anyhow.  To quote again from that journal entry: Don't fold. Resist. Keep trying. Get better.

Here by Glimpses Known

wayfaring wordhack
We've been enduring a sandstorm for two days now. The house is covered in dust, except where we have walked it off, then you can see--in the feeble, filtered light--where no one treads or crawls because of the dirt accumulated there. And if anyone questions my housekeeping, fine, but don't question my housekeeper. :P  She does a great job and was just here on Monday.  Thankfully she comes again tomorrow, but if the storm is still raging, it'll be as dusty a couple of hours after she leaves. The old windows and doors are not barricades but sieves.... And I'm just back from closing the French doors that lead onto the front balcony. The wind is so strong and the latches so weak, the doors get blown open every so often (as do some of the windows), letting in yet another dusting of dust.


Snippet Sunday

art: energized
I was a sketching fool this week, so much so that on Thursday I thought it must already by Sunday and time to post something.  I also pinned a ton of reference photos and sketching exercises to help me work on a style that will appeal to kiddos as well as myself. I have never excelled at "cartoony" illustration and I'm not sure that I will this time, or even that I want to. Whatever I come up with has to be me.

As usual, I didn't get around to taking photos, even though I have some stuff that is non-spoilery and would have worked for a snippet.  I, however, take a photo of a craft I did with Sprout and will share that instead:

Behold, unicorns:

Sprout is very into unicorns at the moment (in fact she just used the magic in her horn to transform me into a unicorn, too), so when I saw this craft on The Artful Parent from the book Happy Handmade, I knew I had to do it with her.

Here by Glimpses Known

wayfaring wordhack
For asakiyume, who wanted to see dogs sleeping on cars.

Not just our feline friends who enjoy a nice perch.

dogs on cars

And the gunshots were...

to celebrate a wedding. o.O

Talk about a cultural divide. Gunfire is just not something I'd want at my wedding.

Anyhow, the sounds had me nervous because an aquaintance is freaking out about life here (I think it is mostly because she doesn't like it), and she shared a "news" story* about how the Muslim Brotherhood is giving foreigners until Feb 11 to get out of the country before they start acting with violence towards us.

* Since there is no identifiable source to this story, J's work is not taking it seriously.

That was not fireworks

Sprout: !!!
...and then it was.

Strange back-and-forth of gunfire and fireworks tonight...not in response it one another, I don't think. Just: gunshots, then later fireworks, then the poppoppop of guns again...

The fireworks are normal; the gunfire is not.

No idea what is going on. :-/

And now, I'm going to stop pondering it and get some sleep.


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